All about Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 24)

The new Dream League Soccer 2024 is here. With a bunch of brand-new features, this game is improving year by year. The enhanced AI and environment, which interact with the players and the graphics, make the game very immersive for the gamers.

The game’s player animations are captured in 3D motion. All the kicks, tackles, celebrations, and the goalkeeper saves you will see are someone playing and then were recorded in Motion Capture. This gives impressive realism to the game.

There are more than 4000+ licenced players who are going to help you defeat the world’s best football clubs. You will get to sign the world’s best players. Build your dream team. Level up the players. Use new added skills to beat your opponents in Dream League Online.


DLS 24 New Features

DLS 24 Mod gives you a lot of customization options. You can customize the kits, their kit number, and their boots. Name your team whatever you want. You can customize your team’s logo or import your own.  This time, you will get to customize your managers, too. You can change his clothes, his appearance, his hairstyle. You can customize not only the players but also your home stadium.


More Customization

Choose how you want it to look, choose the capacity, choose each section of the stadium, add world-class facilities and make your stadium the best. Create Medical, Commercial and training facilities to make your team the best. And take part in the 8 divisions to become the best. Win all 8 divisions and participate in a thrilling series of over 10 cup competitions to achieve Legendary status.

Play online in Dream League Live and compete with other players from all around the world. Online games are much smoother now; there is sometimes an unfair advantage played by opponents while playing online matches on eFootball Mobile. Climb the ranks to showcase your skills and team’s potential, and join the Global Leaderboards and events to win exclusive rewards. Winning the regular seasons and events is a way to win amazing prizes. There is a new mode called the Draft Mode, where you must choose your whole team from a given set of players and participate in a club.

 Recruiting agents and scouts will help you identify the best players in the transfer market. The coaches will help you develop your players’ technical and physical abilities and give you an advantage in the matches. The excellent and exciting match commentary will keep you on your toes as you compete in the major divisions.

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More Realism in the game


To make the game more realistic, they have added manager fights. Managers will be seen fighting each other in some cutscenes. The added injury time is now longer, and you will also get additional injury time if there is unnecessary wastage of time.

The crowd reacts when the ball comes near, which looks more engaging and dynamic. The details of the crowd improve the overall looks of the stadium. They have also added new soundtracks. The addition of new celebrations is fantastic as they show a lot of different realistic scenarios. The new extraordinary celebrations will make you want to score more goals. Button designs have also been updated, which adds more subtlety.

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Enhanced Weathers

Many minor improvements such as ball-dropping animation, on-demand corners, uneven fields, mud on kits and after half time, the kit is clean as new have been added. Rainy weather can be experienced, and you will see the raindrops on your screen when the camera angle is shown.

Snow weather is also here, where you can see the ball going through the pile of snow outside the field, and players wear gloves in this weather. Players now react to foul calls and the surrounding atmosphere with new animations.


More Camera Angles

Now, you can choose from different angles while taking a free kick. The goalkeeper now dives with new animations and has new reactions. Match highlight and replay UI has been changed and improved. Match stats are also shown with the new UI. Player signing animations have also been improved, as well as some new ones.

The menu interface has also been upgraded and gives the game a new and fresh look. Substitutes can be seen warming up and sitting on benches. Around the stadium, the washroom, team bus, media vans, and car parking can be seen. The stadium facilities are also more detailed now. Players have more detailed faces and accuracy.

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Overall, the game is new and fresh. You should try it, as the game has many new features that make the experience immersive and satisfying.

You can download the game from Playstore or Appstore.

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