EA Sports is here with a new football game called “World of League Football”

EA has launched a new game in beta called “World of League Football.” The game is released in only a few countries including India, so it will be released fully in a phased manner.

World of League Football is a league football game where you can make your football club. You can control the players, so it’s a fun game! It is different from FIFA’s original game, but it is more inclined toward a tactical fantasy game.

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Title World of League Football – Android
Categories Strategy, Sports
Size 513 MB
Platform Android

How does the new Game work?

This new game from EA Sports called World of League Football, has finally arrived in beta version and is now available to the public. This latest game has the best of both worlds, the realistic gameplay of the Madden NFL and the fantasy football of the FIFA series. It offers a unique tactical fantasy experience that football fans will love.


In the World of League Football, you can create your team of world-class footballers and manage them to glory. You have to collect all the special player cards just like we collect in FIFA! Compete against players from around the globe in online leagues and tournaments, testing your skills and strategies.

If you’re a Madden or FIFA fan, make sure to try this new arrival of EASports!

What can you expect from the new Game World?

World of League Football is a simulation game that aims to provide the most realistic and authentic experience possible. Although still in beta, EA has released some features players can look forward to in the full release.

One of the good features is the incredible level of detail in the player models. Each player has been meticulously crafted to resemble their real-life counterparts in appearance and movement.


The game world itself is remarkably detailed. The stadiums are faithfully reproduced, complete with accurate crowd noise and atmosphere that adds to the excitement of the matches.

The stadiums and other in-game facilities can all be looked upon from a bird-eye view in the gameplay as you hover around all the sections. Click the section which you want to visit. You can configure each section as per your playing style.

With its attention to detail in player models and the game world, along with its engaging gameplay, World of League Football is shaping into a fantastic football simulation game.


World of League Football Features

While the game is still in beta, several features already make it an exciting game for football enthusiasts.

  1. Create a custom team: One of the best features of World of League Football is the ability to create your custom team. You can choose your team’s name, colors, and logo, allowing you to personalize your squad and represent your favorite players.
  2. Play with friends: Another great feature is the option to play with friends. Create a game and invite your friends for an exciting multiplayer experience.
  3. Utilize the chat: Use the chat feature to communicate with other players around the communities and build your online presence.
  4. Join a club: Joining a club is an excellent way to enhance your World of League Football experience. There are clubs for different play styles, allowing you to find one that suits you best. Being part of a club grants access to exclusive benefits, such as discounts on in-game items and participation in exclusive events.


Is it worth giving it a shot?

As this is an upcoming football simulation game that brings together the best aspects of the Madden NFL and FIFA franchises. It’s worth giving it a shot with its realistic player models, detailed game world, and immersive gameplay. You will really enjoy collecting Haaland and Mbappe rare cards and playing them in Online Division.

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