Al-Ittihad 23/24 Kits for DLS 24 | Dream League Soccer 2024

Here are the New Al-Ittihad Kits for DLS 24. You can copy the link to the kits and paste it into the game, and your kits will automatically be downloaded. It has its iconic yellow-black stripes across its body vertically.

DLS 24 Al-Ittihad Kits

Download Al-Ittihad 23/24 Kits for DLS 24 below. You don’t have to copy the kit link manually. Now open the link and paste it into the customize kit section of the game. The kit import process is very easy all you have to do is just copy the URL and paste it into your game.

Al-Ittihad FC: The Glittering Gem of Jeddah

In the football-crazed land of Saudi Arabia, one of the most common football clubs we find here is Al-Ittihad FC. From the passionate chants in the stands to the golden moments on the field, this club has become an emblem of pride for many. Today I am going to share the jersey link of the club, so you can enjoy playing the club with your favourite teams and players.

Founded in 1927, Al-Ittihad FC isn’t just a football club; it’s a living testament to Saudi Arabia’s sporting history. The club has signed many prominent players this season like Kante, Benzema, etc.


The journey began in the late 1920s when a group of enthusiastic young men came together with a shared love for the sport. As they practiced by the shores of the Red Sea, little did they know that they were laying the foundation for one of Asia’s most iconic football clubs.

23/24 Al-Ittihad Kit in DLS 24

Al-Ittihad’s colors have always been a vibrant combination of yellow and black. The roaring lion emblem? It epitomizes strength, courage, and passion. As for the kits, they’ve seen evolutions over the decades, but the 23/24 kit design is a nod to tradition combined with modern aesthetics. Think sleek stripes meeting dynamic patterns!

The latest kit, set for the 23/24 season, encapsulates the club’s spirit. With sleek black stripes running vertically against a sunlit yellow backdrop, it pays homage to the club’s glorious past while setting sights on future triumphs.

Other features of the Kits

Top Players

Over the years, Al-Ittihad has been graced by remarkable talented players like:

  • Mohammed Noor: A midfield maestro, his name is etched in gold for his unparalleled skills.
  • Hamzah Idris: This striker’s goal-scoring spree has made him a club legend.
  • Osama Al-Muwallad: Renowned for his defense-breaking runs on the wings.

With the signing of all the new players this season, Saudi Pro League has become very interesting as we will see Neymar, Benzema, Ronaldo, etc all competing against each other.


King Abdullah Sports City, also affectionately known as The Shining Jewel, is more than just a stadium for Al-Ittihad fans. With a seating capacity of over 62,000, it’s not just a sports arena; it’s a cauldron of emotions, passion, and undying support.

The atmosphere at their stadium is just electric, with the developing league fans are also becoming more and more enthusiastic towards their club.

Plantilla del Al-ittihad 2024 para DLS 19?

  1. Press the Copy button above the link of the kit.
  2. Just click on the copy button of the kit you want to import into the game.
  3. The link will be copied to your clipboard. You don’t have to copy the link text manually.
  4. Next, open your Dream League Soccer 2024, and go to the import kits section. Paste the link text, and click on the download button. Your kits will automatically be downloaded.

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Al-Ittihad Logo for Dream League Soccer 2024

This is the 512 x 512 size logo of Al-Ittihad. Very easy to use, just copy and paste it into Dream League Soccer 2024. The club crest is supported by a big number of signage ‘1’.


Al-Ittihad Home Kit 23/24 for DLS 24

The home DLS 24 Kit is supported by the yellow base and the black color fine strips that run all over the chest and front side of the kit.

The shorts are black in color with sponsors and other designs of yellow color over the body. You will really enjoy scoring hattrick with Benzema on this Jerseys.


Al-Ittihad 23/24 Away Kits for Dream League Soccer 24

Away Kits have a solid base of Off-White with sponsors and other elements of the kit. This design from Nike is very plain with minimal patterns.

Although there are some patterns and designs on the creases of the shorts and the collar region of the body.


Al-Ittihad 23/24 Third Kits for DLS 24


Al-Ittihad Goalkeeper Home Kit for DLS 24

The club’s Goalkeeper Kits have a solid base of maroon color! With sponsors in white, The body parts host other Elements on the jersey in their native color, without any major changes.

The sponsors are scribbled in Arabic fonts, with a plain design in contrast to the Home kit, which has stripes acroos its body.


Gk Away Kit Al-Ittihad for DLS 24

Similar to the Home Version, the Away kit has been hosted in green color, with white fonts being used on sponsors and other logo elements of the jersey.


Titles Wons by the club!

Al-Ittihad isn’t just about passion; it’s about silverware too. Here are some numbers from their Trophy cabinet:

Trophy Number of Times Won
Saudi Pro League 8
King Cup 3
AFC Champions League 2
Crown Prince Cup 8

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Regional cups, friendly trophies, and numerous other accolades have also been bagged by this footballing behemoth.

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Beyond the Pitch: The Legacy Continues

As the sun sets over the Red Sea, painting the skies with hues of red and orange. There’s one constant that remains – the legacy of Al-Ittihad FC. It’s not just about the 90 minutes on the pitch; it’s about the decades of history, the generations of fans, and the unyielding spirit of a club that has weathered storms and basked in glory.

I hope you enjoy playing Dream League Soccer wearing these kits, However, You can also Try Al Hilal, Al Nassr, etc

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